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                  电话:021-50766071 50766072
                  商务:sales # hqvision.cn
                  技术:support # hqvision.cn

                Specification N-5A100-Gm/CXP 500万

                The N-5A100 camera is a 5 megapixel camera with CMOS global shutter technology in a 1” optical format. For developers of multi-camera systems, such as side-view cameras for 3D metrology, the N-5A100 cameras offer reduced system complexity while increasing throughput. The frame rate of the N-5A100 cameras is such that it can match with the higher resolution top-view camera, to provide the synchronized acquisition of all cameras to maximize system throughput. By using programmable region of interest the frame rate can be further increased or used to optimize system cost. The small camera outline enables a compact detection head outline and ensures full mobility in the system. The flexible cables and reduced number of cables via the CoaXPress interface further enhances movability while lowering cabling costs and EMC risks. N-5A100 cameras are designed to work together to simplify easy integration on system level and control the
                entire camera system through one user interface. Multi-camera systems using N-5A100 cameras eliminate the constraints with Camera Link- and USB 3.0 Vision-based systems.