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                  电话:021-50766071 50766072
                  商务:sales # hqvision.cn
                  技术:support # hqvision.cn

                Specification Q-12A180-Fx/CXP Issue 2.x 1200万 187帧高速

                The Quartz Q-12A180 CoaXPress camera brings 4096 by 3072 high quality pixels to the image for real time metrology tasks with a reliable high speed CoaXPress data interface. With 12 megapixel resolution and 187 frames per second of measurement speed in the Q-12A180 the precision and the throughput of your system can be improved. The accuracy of the informations preserved for each and every image by the use of Adimec’s True Accurate Imaging technique and the AMS CMV12000 CMOS global shutter sensor. As a CoaxPress pioneer we managed to develop a highly integrated 2nd generation CoaXPress V1.1.1 compliant 25Gb/s CoaXPress Quad interface. Fully backward compatible to existing V1.0 framegrabbers through a configuration tool for all major framegrabber brands. Adimec offers the Q-12A180 in a low power compact outline, which provides optimal design freedom for integrating optics. Sensor alignment and retention is well suited for industrial optics with large numerical apertures where focus and sensitivity over the complete image is critical.